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Vendredi 27 Mai 2022

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JID 2016


On Saturday the 7th of August at the in the morning at the Bénoué bridge, elements of zone 3 of Operation Halcomi 3 seized 125 bottles of 500 ml glucose. On the same day, 300 smuggled cell phones were seized in Mora, Far North Region, by elements of zone 3 of Operation Halcomi 3.


Monday August 11th, there was a seizure a contraband vehicle by elements of the Sangmelima Customs Mobile Brigade. The license plate did not match the vehicle registration document and the vehicle was missing from the database of the cosmos application. Similarly, Commander Mofor Jude, Commander of the Groupement Actif des Douanes de l'Aamaoua and Coordinator of Zone 3 of Operation HALCOMI 3, presented to the media a seizure of 11 packages of Android mobile phones and accessories, as well as other contraband goods seized at the Selou Semba checkpoint, Adamaoua region. Also, there was a new seizure of contraband pharmaceutical products by elements of zone 3 of Operation Halcomi. At that moment in the department of Logone and Chari, Region of the Far North, the package consisted of: Mebendazole 200 vials, Brustan 40 vials Syrup, Multivitamin Ron 96 vials and Dexametasone 2400 vials. Furthermore, elements of zone 1 of Operation Halcomi 3 seized 126 boxes of small Guinnesses and 209 pallets of contraband Guinness malt. The seizure was made at the mboppi market in Douala. Lastly, 220 boxes of soupline were seized in the Manguiers district in Yaoundé, during the unloading of a container. The seizure was carried out by the elements of zone 2 of operation Halcomi 3.

Wednesday 11th August, at the Bénoué Bridge in the North Region, Cameroon Customs seized 1000 kilograms of refined sugar smuggled in false packaging from the Sosucam company. This seizure was carried out by the elements of Zone 3 of Operation Halcomi 3. Then, 1800 sachets of "Passion", energy drinks were seized at the Selou Semba checkpoint, Adamaoua region, by Cameroonian Customs as part of Operation Halcomi 3. Again, 1,726 vials of magnesium and calcium were seized from a container claiming to contain second-hand goods in the Essos district, a place called Avenue Germaine. The watch continues throughout the national territory.

On Thursday August 12th in the morning, elements of the Mobile Customs Brigade of Garoua 1er seized a truck loaded with contraband concrete irons. These are: 200 irons of 20; 650 irons of 12; 600 irons of 10; and 10 iron rolls of 10. Meanwhile, colleagues from the Gashiga Customs Commercial Brigade were delighted with the seizure of contraband pharmaceuticals (DEXAMETHASONE tablets) from Nigeria. Similarly that morning there was a seizure at the fixed post of Ambam-Yat of a vehicle transporting unstamped contraband drinks from Equatorial Guinea to Yaoundé. The said seizure was carried out by the elements of zone 2 of the Halcomi 3 operation. The seizure contained 76 boxes containing 600 bottles distributed as follows:

- 43 boxes of MARTINI BLANC, i.e. 258 bottles;

- 09 boxes of MARTINI ROUGE, i.e. 54 bottles;

- 24 boxes of GRANT'S, for a total of 288 bottles.

On August 13th, the elements of zone 3 of Operation Halcomi 3 seized two packages of pharmaceutical products at the checkpoint located at the bridge over the Bénoué in Garoua, Northern Region. Furthermore, their counterparts stationed in Selou Semba, Adamaoua region, got their hands on a larger shipment of contraband pharmaceutical products.

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